You no longer need to be a professional applicant or job seeker spending time searching for jobs that might most likely underpay you. With wisdom and knowledge, information and advise from entrepreneurs given freely  you can begin to learn the principles of financial freedom that’s applicable to your scenario, opening doors to the  countless opportunities that awaits you. Let your imagination run wild and create the life of your dreams.

Here we share experiences that help carve out your own pattern, and helps you uncover the key indicators to your own space, a process that  is destined to work for you.

Wisdom for money, is a team of successful patriots based in Nigera and willing to help society by providing training and advisory services to young intending entrepreneurs and business startups alike. The aim is to kick out poverty from the face of Nigeria by building a strong economy filled with private businesses that in turn provide employment to teeming youths whom are integrated into the labour market every year after completion of NYSC programme. As a country trying to become economically stable and viable, Wisdom4money aims at uncovering  key areas where there is a lack of service giving room for a business. This will in turn raise revenue for Govt through taxes paid by the many private businesses running their business in Nigeria


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